4,562 That’s the number of unique trails in this little sliver of Northwest Arkansas. If you enjoy bicycling, NWA has many trails-less-travelled on tap for you to explore.  The Slaughter Pen Trails in Bentonville and the recently opened Back 40 is paradise for mountain bikers with over 40 miles of off road trails. The Green Belt runs… Read More


For runners, the nice thing about Southern California is that there really is no excuse not to go out for a run. Well, almost no excuse. Those smog days are fewer and farer between than they once were, but still sucking air from a tailpipe while you are running pretty much deletes out any aerobic… Read More

Good Beer

The year before I moved to the area, Benton County was dry.  That would have been a non-starter. Fortunately, things evolved toward a more progressive frame of mind in regards to libations. In fact, the good folks in Little Rock have even recently seen their way to allowing out of state wine be delivered to… Read More


“Turn signals are a sign of weakness” That was the advice I received from my boss about driving on the freeways of Los Angeles when I first moved there. Driving in Los Angeles is a psychological, and sometimes, physical war game. Turn signals aren’t used, but occasionally firearms are employed. The object of driving in… Read More