What Even is a Razorback?

Red. White. Red & White. Pigs. Ahem, sorry not exactly. Actually a Razorback. No, literally a Hog. Go Hogs! We Love ❤️ the Hogs. WOO PIG SOOIE. These nice folks here in NWA really, really, support the pigs. I mean razorbacks. Wait, I mean them Hogs. Yes, yessiree everyone calls the Hogs around here. Well I… Read More

What? Arkansas? For Real?

Like so many of you, my husband had been commuting and working in NWA before he was asked to relocate here. For Real. For Good. We’d just (2 years before) relocated to Connecticut from Utah and thought we might “be there for the duration,” But it wasn’t to be. Arkansas? Huh? Really? OK. Well, OK,… Read More