I remember looking for information about NWA from Los Angeles and forming an incomplete and rather opaque view of the area based on piece-mealed web searches. I created this blog to help those folks discover the many wonders of NWA from here and afar to give folks a realistic preview of what its like to live here.   I also created bvillelife so those that live here can help me welcome others and make the stories about the area so much better.

If you are thinking about moving here and have some questions just shoot me a note at dave@bvillelife.com and I will get back to you.

My day job is as a consumer researcher or if you want get really fancy; “behavioral scientist”. I am fascinated by the “predictably irrational” condition of human behavior.  I enjoy living in and exploring the gray.  If you are interested in my professional credentials you can learn more here.


I am an inherently curious, focused, and persistent person. I enjoy reading, writing, motorcycles, distance running, drinking wine, and my family…in various order depending on the day.  I believe in the Oxford comma. Also I read that putting two spaces after a period means you are old. I don’t care. I hope you enjoy my blog.