Red. White. Red & White. Pigs. Ahem, sorry not exactly. Actually a Razorback. No, literally a Hog. Go Hogs! We Love ❤️ the Hogs. WOO PIG SOOIE.

These nice folks here in NWA really, really, support the pigs. I mean razorbacks. Wait, I mean them Hogs. Yes, yessiree everyone calls the Hogs around here.

Well I wasn’t “from here.” I just got here. At school they wondered where my “red” was on Friday. Didn’t I like the Hogs? Huh? Gee I don’t know. I mean I don’t dislike the Hogs. Ok, I’ll say I like ’em. But I sure as heck am not gonna do that goofy call thing. It’s weird, loud and I feel embarrassed.

Soon I would realize calling the Hogs can and will happen anywhere, anytime for any (or maybe no) reason at all. Where two or more are gathered, energetic, excited, passionate (to the core), Hog fans will rise, throwing their hands above their heads,  fingers wiggling cheerily, and shout those funny famous words WOO PIG SOOIE RAZORBACKS!!

Gotta admit, we now have a University of Arkansas grad in our family….. I’ve called those Hogs with the best of them…. in a bar, on the golf course, in a parking lot, in front of the TV.  It still feels funny. But you know…. whatever…WPS!




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